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Maximum Temperature Tomorrow

In Northern part of India, likely Maximum temperature in Delhi, NCR is expected in range (39-40˚C). Chandigarh (36-37 ˚C), Ludhiana (37-38 ˚C), Hisar (37-38 ˚C), Karnal (36-37˚C). Likely maximum temperature in Lucknow (38-40 ˚C), Allahabad (40-41 ˚C) and Varanasi (39-40 ˚C).

In Central Part of India, likely Maximum temperature : Bhopal: (39-40 ˚C), Jabalpur (40-42 ˚C), Dewas (41-42 ˚C)
In Eastern part of India likely maximum temperature: Kolkata (35-36 ˚C), Bhubaneshwar (34-39 ˚C)
In West India, likely maximum temperature: Ahmedabad (38-40 ˚C), Rajkot (38-40 ˚C), Jaipur (39-41 ˚C), Jodhpur (40-42 ˚C ), Jaisalmer (40-41˚C).

In South India likely maximum temperature: Hyderabad (39-41˚C), Bangalore (34-36 ˚C), Cochin (36-37 ˚C), Chennai (38-39 ˚C), Vellore (40-41˚C).

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