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Current bearish Trend in Chana not to last long

Monsoon 2017 starting from Andamans is expected to reach Kerala coast by end of May. As the monsoon spreads, the supply of Vegetables go down leading to pressure on alternate vegetable substitutes like Chana and particularly Kabuli Chana.
The arrival and prices of Kabuli Chana in 2 major mandis (Badnagar and Indore) of Madhya Pradesh in 2016 can be seen below:

Prices of Chana (Bengal Gram) in two major mandis (Guna and Jabalpur) of Madhya Pradesh also reflect the same trend.

This year in 2017, there has been bumper production of Chana and as of date prices are around 5000 Rs/quintal against Rs 10,000/quintal in 2016.
Prices of Chana is weak on account of heavy arrival and imports.
Come July- September, when vegetable supplies taper off, Chana off take will improve and there will be higher demand of Chana during October-December.
Chana prices are expected to rise July onwards.
Farmers would be well advised to retain the stocks until August- September provided that they can keep the stocks free from pests.

"Effect of Weather on crop"
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