Government will sell 30 lakh tonnes of wheat in the open market, prices may come down

The government has given permission to sell wheat in the open market. 30 lakh metric tonnes of wheat will be sold by the government in the market. The government will sell wheat through the Open Market Sale Scheme. The price of wheat in Delhi remains intact around ₹ 3200. In fact, due to less crop last year, the prices of wheat in the domestic market reached a new record level on Monday. But now to bring down the prices, the government has planned to start selling the stocked wheat in the open market. There is still some time for the arrival of the new crop, if the price is not reduced before the arrival of the new crop, then the price of flour will increase further, so the government is going to increase the supply of wheat from the stock in the market. There is no plan to review the ban on wheat exports until the new crop arrives. It is expected that the government will sell wheat at the rate of Rs 2300 per quintal. Government will sell wheat through traders, state government. Wheat will also be sold through government companies and cooperative societies. At present, the price of wheat in India is running 50 percent above the MSP decided by the government.

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