Pulses Report

Desi Chana - Profit on current price Desi gram is being procured here from the mandis of Rajasthan at Rs 5200/5250 per quintal, whereas the same item was sold here below at Rs 5050 per quintal, after that the market opened today for Rs 5075. Buying goods from Maharashtra are coming in very less quantity, loading from Madhya Pradesh is also not happening due to lack of demand, keeping in view these circumstances, correction in Rajasthani Chana will continue to come and the market will continue to increase. Kabuli Chana - market will be strong intermittently This time, due to non-availability of old stock of Kabli gram and high prices in the international markets, exporters continued to buy from the Indore-Bhopal line since the beginning of the season. This is the reason why the market has increased in the interval of 500/600 per quintal in the current week, because the stock is also not much. On the other hand, continuous buying is going on in Haryana, Punjab, UP and Himachal. Now after the simultaneous rally, there may be some stagnation, but after that there will be a rally towards 500/700. Peas - market may increase in the current month Due to low production of peas this time and low prices, most of the businessmen have traded the stock and increased the market more in the season itself, due to which it will be painful for a few days, but the roots of peas are not slow. The demand from Assam, Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand is going on continuously, due to which the market may increase in the current month after the goods are cut in UP-MP. Urad - 9500 rupees possible soon Due to the strictness of the government on urad for the last two months, the supply is gradually getting cut and the importers are ordering less from Rangoon. On the other hand, in Chennai also, some deals done before Rangoon were canceled and some settlements were done, due to which no big steamer is going to land nearby. This is the reason why pulse mills have a strong hold at the current price. Due to the shortage of the same goods, traders have started speaking by increasing the price, due to which the SQ traded at Rs 9300 today and Urad FAQ crossed Rs 8270. Urad SQ will soon become Rs 9500 due to shortage of stock. Lentils - market strong There is no risk in the business in the low price of lentils, because the arrival of lentils from Mungaoli, Ganjbasoda and Sagar line has decreased. This is the reason that after an increase of Rs. 50 per quintal in two days, desi Masoor has become Rs. 5925/5930 in Bilti. It is expensive and prices have started speaking strong due to breaking of arrivals in Mungavali, Ganjbasoda line, looking at all these circumstances, the market will gradually increase from here. Moong - will be slow after a while New moong is coming from MP, here the quality material has increased to Rs.7700/7800 per quintal after selling below Rs.7400/7500 per quintal due to bad weather. Moong of Kanpur line is also being sold for 7500 to 7000 rupees. Mills are buying pulses between 6900/7200 per quintal which means washed. The goods of Bihar Jharkhand are about to arrive, in these circumstances there is not much attention to the speed in the market, the goods of Gujarat and Punjab are being sold very expensive, due to which they are not doing business. Current prices are visible till the bad weather, otherwise the markets will break. Tur- possible to cross Rs 110 soon Due to shortage of spot goods in Tuvar and all-round buying by pulses mills, trade increased by Rs 1100 to Rs 10250 per quintal in 10 days. There has been an increase of Rs 200 in the last 2 days. We believe that the sale of pulses is not favourable, but due to acute shortage of raw material in the pulses mills and no goods are going to arrive in Mumbai-Chennai in the near future and importers are talking nonsense due to the high cost of goods. Under these circumstances, Tuvar will soon cross Rs 110 per kg of lemons and the prices of Maharashtra will also increase in the same proportion.

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