Rice - further rise is possible

We believe that the deals of exporters are still pending and recently some big importing countries have given relaxation in the percentage of some unnecessary elements related to silicate, which will increase the export incentive. On the other hand, the government has given permission to export 5 lakh metric tonnes of rice, due to which rice millers have started purchasing paddy by increasing the price. At the same time, exporters have also started stocking the goods, due to which the price of rice has increased significantly by Rs 600-700 per quintal in a span of two days. Here rice 1509 sela has become Rs 7300/7500 and its steam has become Rs 8500/8700 per quintal. In the same ratio, there has been a huge increase in 1121 and 1718 Basmati paddy and rice. All rice gallops have increased and if the government does not pay attention to this, the price of rice will increase by Rs 10 per kg.

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