Fine rice - Exporters demand cooled down

Arrival of 1.25 crore bags of Basmati variety 1509 paddy has started arriving daily in Haryana-Punjab, in UP also 30-32 lakh bags including Sharbati and other paddy are arriving daily, whereas the demand of exporters and stockists is completely down, there has been a continuous bearish trend from three-four days. 1509 Sela rice has come down to Rs 6800/6900 per quintal. There has been trade up to Rs 6800 in truck loads from UP. From Haryana, trade in truck load is being heard up to Rs 6850. Similarly, there is a bearish trend in 1401 and 1718 Basmati rice also. Now after milling the paddy it does not fall below this level, seeing this the market is expected to increase a little in the future.

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