Chana Report

Desi chana saw a significant rise of 700/750 per quintal at the end of last month. The Desi chana which was sold for 6800 rupees around 20th May, is now being sold at 7500/7550 rupees in a motor parked on Lawrence Road. After that, due to profit booking and selling, it has come down to 7050 rupees in the last one week. Now producers do not pay these prices from the markets. It is worth noting that this time the sowing of Desi gram was reduced by 40 percent in all the producing states including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and due to unfavorable weather, the productivity per hectare has remained low. This is the reason why the production of Desi gram has remained around 65-67 lakh metric tonnes. According to farmers and traders of the markets, there is no pressure of gram in any month after threshing. On the other hand, this time the old stock has also reduced considerably in government and non-government warehouses, due to which it has become difficult for dal mills to get goods for milling. We believe that correction is natural once the Desi gram rises by Rs 1250 per quintal in a short time, but due to decrease in gross production and cost of import, the market may rise again by Rs 1000 in future. It is worth noting that the consumption of Desi gram is more in India than in other countries, seeing this, foreign exporters have started quoting higher prices. Therefore, there is no possibility of recession in domestic chana. The arrival of chana in the markets of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan has broken down and no crop is going to arrive in the near future. Therefore, chana can again get profit at the current price.

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