Pulses Report - Tur

Along with Tamil Nadu tender, local demand is also being seen in the markets. Last week, the prices improved by 100~150 rupees and reached 12000 - 12300 / quintal in local markets. These days there is a demand for tur dal due to which there is demand all around. In such a situation, there is little hope of a big drop in the price in the coming days. Rain has knocked in Karnataka. Tur sowing has started in Raichur, Gulbarga, Bidar, Yadagiri since the last ten days. Due to high prices in tur, farmers are more interested in its sowing. Tur sowing will start after 15 days in the producing states of Maharashtra. This year, tur crop in Mozambique is said to be up to 4 lakh tonnes. So far the condition of the crop is also good. Arrival in the area will start by the end of July. Further, due to high prices of vegetables and low demand, consumption of tur dal will increase in the coming days. At present, there is little hope of a major drop in prices.

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